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Your only source for poultry and plumbing equipment:

• Feeders
• Suspension equipment for drinkers/feeders
• Winches
• Wire rope
• Pulleys
• Lifting gear
• Marine hardware

What is is your first stop for poultry and plumbing based goods and equipment. We supply a number of high quality goods, most of which can be found using the navigation menu to the left.

Who are

All products listed on this site are distributed by AJ Warner, who works with and supplies some of the largest poultry growers in the country.

Why choose

AJ Warner has been in the poultry industry for eight years, previously working for fourteen years in farming agriculture; so we have all the experience needed to provide quality services and meeting customer satisfaction.

All products you see on are regularly supplied and tested, ensuring that what you see is the most reliable and quality equipment on the market.

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